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Publication Title Publisher ISSN Frequency
International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering HE WORLD ACADEMIC PUBLISHING CO., LIMITED Address: Unit 1105, 11/F., Tower 1, Lippo Centre, No. 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong ISSN:2225-742X(Print) ISSN:2226-7344(Online) Annually
Applied Optics The Optical Society 1559-128X Biweekly
Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery ASSOC COMPUTING MACHINERY 0004-5411 bimonthly
Computer-Aided Design Elsevier B.V. 0010-4485 Monthly
Journal of Materials Science Springer US 0022-2461 Semimonthly
Bulletin of Materials Science Indian Academy of Sciences 0250-4707 Bimonthly
Carbon Elsevier B.V. 0008-6223 Monthly
Journal of Composite Materials SAGE Publications 0021-9983 Semimonthly
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology Springer 0010-7999 Monthly
Fish and Fisheries John Wiley & Sons Ltd 1467-2960 Quarterly
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